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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Concessions of a Herb


I see your point but I don’t entirely agree. I guess I don’t see Favre in the same level as Clemens . . . yet. If he were to keep doing this over the next 2 or 3 years then yes I’d start thinking he was a bit of a dick. From what I understand Favre didn’t want to get out of Green Bay until he understood he wouldn’t be the starter, and that’s a bit understandable. A guy who really had one of his better seasons last year sitting on the bench for a guy who’s never made and NFL start in his career? Call me crazy but that seems dumb to me. At the same time the Packers made a commitment to Aaron Rodgers and well I respect them for not turning their back on him. I’d much rather have to face an Aaron Rodgers led Packer team than one with Brett Favre at the helm.

I’m a fan of T-Jack but you can count me as one of the group that would be excited if somehow the Vikes got ahold of Favre. T-Jack is good but put a veteran back there like Favre and I think the Vikings offense ranks at least to 10, possibly to 5. With Tavaris that’s much less likely to happen. The nice thing about Tavaris is that when he does have a horrible game, which he will at some point this year, the fans in the stands can start the best chant ever.


Peyton's good but have you ever heard of Jeff George?

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