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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Concessions of a Herb


I see your point but I don’t entirely agree. I guess I don’t see Favre in the same level as Clemens . . . yet. If he were to keep doing this over the next 2 or 3 years then yes I’d start thinking he was a bit of a dick. From what I understand Favre didn’t want to get out of Green Bay until he understood he wouldn’t be the starter, and that’s a bit understandable. A guy who really had one of his better seasons last year sitting on the bench for a guy who’s never made and NFL start in his career? Call me crazy but that seems dumb to me. At the same time the Packers made a commitment to Aaron Rodgers and well I respect them for not turning their back on him. I’d much rather have to face an Aaron Rodgers led Packer team than one with Brett Favre at the helm.

I’m a fan of T-Jack but you can count me as one of the group that would be excited if somehow the Vikes got ahold of Favre. T-Jack is good but put a veteran back there like Favre and I think the Vikings offense ranks at least to 10, possibly to 5. With Tavaris that’s much less likely to happen. The nice thing about Tavaris is that when he does have a horrible game, which he will at some point this year, the fans in the stands can start the best chant ever.


Peyton's good but have you ever heard of Jeff George?

by halfchest on Jul 15, 2008 8:31 AM PDT to parent up reply reply

Monday, July 14, 2008

Blog Conversation Between Myself and a Herb

Oops Thank You

I’m so sick of people saying how it would be stupid to sign Favre and that he’s a egomaniac and all this other bullcrap.

Favre is great quarterback and if he played for any team other than the Packers Gonzo and others wouldn’t be so ignorantly opposed to Favre becoming a Viking. Favre is what would put this team over the top.

“That Guy” is a better QB than we’ve seen here well since uh, Tarkenton? and even that’s a maybe. With our stud running game Favre could cut down on the interceptions by not having to carry the team on his back.

All this said I don’t want to get too carried away, I really don’t believe it will happen but I also don’t think there’s a chance in hell that the Pack pays Brett 12 million to sit on the bench. I don’t think he would accept that role and he shouldn’t have to.

Peyton's good but have you ever heard of Jeff George?

by halfchest on Jul 13, 2008 3:44 PM PDT reply reply

what do you mean by "our"?

“If he played on any team other than the Packers Gonzo and others (Real Viking Fans) wouldn’t be so ignorantly (Correctly) opposed to Favre (Clemens) becoming a Viking”

Yes, you are right. You are right in the sense that a Viking fan would object to his Decade+ long arch nemesis (regardless of his shit personality) becoming our quarterback. I still enjoy rooting for the Vikings, which is one reason I would never be a packer fan…i wouldn’t want to have to root for the Brett Favre’s

take, that

by sdot on Jul 14, 2008 5:36 PM PDT to parent up reply reply


First off I’m not sure what you’re trying to say by calling Favre Clemens. Is it the painkiller addiction? Very different in my mind. Favre was man enough to admit it to the public and change his ways where as Clemens denies constantly despite so many saying he’s guilty. Either way I’m not going to get into that.

As far as Favre’s Shit personality, are you serious? I don’t know but even as a Vikings fan I can’t really say he has a shit personality. If you can point out some instances of that, I’d be interested. Just making a claim like that and not pointing anything out doesn’t really make a very good point. ‘

At least you’re owning up to the fact that you pretty much don’t want him on the team because he was our arch nemesis for so long. I never saw it that way though, I hated losing to the packers but never once did I hate Favre or really any single player. If they had a guy who played dirty then I would have hated him but seriously, why hate a guy just cause he’s good.

Well, I’m done being a Favre apologist, didn’t realize the hate that ran through purple nation.

Peyton's good but have you ever heard of Jeff George?

by halfchest on Jul 14, 2008 9:46 PM PDT to parent up reply reply actions actions 0 recs


The Clemens comparison is based solely on the god complex – they treat fans disingenuously by toying with the idea of retirement very publicly. They also deal with it throughout the season, creating media frenzies around their individual selves rather than the team. To further this, Favre has now joined the ranks of the retired/un-retired. We watched him cry about the sport, and if we wanted to watch a little sportscenter before bed, we were forced to watch Favrecenter, and i’m sure he watched too as his career was glorified to the utmost (not unjustifiably, because yes, he has been a phenomenal quarterback over the years, there is no denying that – how great? people do differ in their perception). All this is well and good, if you stay retired. Don’t publicize your “itch” to return to Chris Mortensen after “your” Packers have reached out to you on numerous occasions this offseason (and you chose time and again to stick to your retirement). Make it private, and do it in a timely manner. Favre did neither and has now created a spectacle of himself and his team (but really himself), based on the publics’ undying, boundless adoration that he has created with his past efforts.

This was my main argument regarding his “shit personality,” but yes it goes further. For all the small-town southern charm that this man has (as did Clemens), and for all the Wrangler’s common-man commercials he gets paid millions for, he is just as much the opposite as is possible. The whole appeal that he had in his nonchalant, laid back, country self, is eroded at the core by acting as if he’s above his team, and above his employer. This is a job, this isn’t a circus. When he signed a 10-year contract worth 10+ million a year, there was no get-out-of-my-contract-whenever-I-want clause. The fact that he has been able to galvanize any support is beyond me, when if you look at it as an employer-employee relationship, he lied to his boss, then gathered his One-Man-Union together to bang on the gates.

If flashy, in-your-face T.O. pulled this nonsense, regardless of career accomplishments, you wouldn’t be having any of it. It’s the same way Bonds was splattered in steroid blood, and it took lying under oath, and perhaps even more to turn people against Clemens. That good ol’ boy American white country smile does wonders for deception. Hell, ask George.

And with that, T-Jack year 3, let the glory begin!

take, that

by sdot on Jul 14, 2008 10:24 PM PDT to parent up reply reply

Favre? Really?

I thought I wouldn't have to dignify these rumors with words, but it seems that even reputable Vikings reporters have decided to do so.
(Sean Jenson, Sid Hartman)

Also Sid, the whole "if Vikings got Clemens, they'd get a stadium" thing is irrelevant - he'd play this year, blow a game for us in the playoffs with multiple interceptions, retire, un-retire, come back, then stunt the growth of our young, capable quarterbacks just enough to blow our chances at excellence when that new stadium is finally erected and inhabitable. You're thinking is as archaic as you.

Also, in scanning various Vike's blogs over the past few days, I've read a lot of support for this idea from "fans." To be completely frank, I find this support to be absolutely mind blowing. We have gathered together a great team with gobs of potential, getting ready for a deep playoff push and a boundless future, and yet, a great amount of fans and columnists have found it completely reasonable to push to get Roger Clemens.

I am relatively young in Fan years, and still have the cognitive wherewithal to understand that employing our Arch-nemesis of the past decade+ this year would be the absolute worst thing this franchise could do, taking away everything we have built for and allowing Clemens to "guide" us to "the promise land." In all honesty, I would rather lose in the playoffs this year, preparing for future glory, than to have this asshole get the satisfaction of our job security even if we were guaranteed a SB victory.

To all of you fans who are rooting for this to happen, shame on you. In the resonant words of our slot-extraordinaire - "He's still the enemy. He's a Green Bay Packer."

Final Words
Pat Williams - "I love my team," Williams said Friday. "I will ride it out with T-Jack. He's been with us, and he's made progress this offseason."