For Vikings in NYC

Bar None is where we watch (2nd avenue btwn 12th & 13th st)

Sundays at 1:00, sometimes at 4:15, and Monday nights if we're lucky. Every Fan is welcome! Come join our group in support of the greatest North American team since the 1000's

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Writer's Block

This probably has to do a lot with the fact that i've been busy being a productive member of society for the past few months, but more so probably the fact that I enjoy reading thedailynorseman more than I like/trust/care for my own words of text.

I am going to be even more busy this month, so for my readers (at the moment, myself and perhaps the occasional kind friend), it's going to be dry until the preseason. Once preseason begins, I am going to be covering the vikings like kobe does a white woman - rude, yet proper.

I can't wait either.

I made one goal for this summer amongst my various tasks, and that goal is to not die. I don't want to die solely because I believe this is the first Viking team that has a legitimate shot at the Superbowl since '98. My young self has been waiting a decade for this opportunity, and I don't want untimely death to blow it for me. I'm really not kidding about this. If we had time I would explain this sentiment to you in person, and surely you would leave feeling awkward.

This is going to be a great season. See you soon

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


A Great Man. A Great Career.