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Monday, January 28, 2008

The New York Football Super Bowl Giants

Here's a little taste of reality

While the media is close to crowning you, i see a post-super-bowl-loss-future somewhat more like Rex (benched), and the Bears (7-9).

See you next year young Eli


I wonder how the Giants second unit secondary is playing so well...


That being said, take a look at this guy.


That being seen, i wish we hadn't have shown up late this year just to falter against the Redskins, because this guy is definitely going in the top 10. Is it possible to trade up for him? Perhaps, but i am convinced that whether we need to trade up, or trade out of our first round selection, we need to do something more productive with that 17th pick - and DE is the FIRST position we must address, for the following reasons:

Childress passed on showing even the slightest interest in stud free agent Pro Bowler Patrick Kerney last season, most likely due to his faith in the deepest d-end core of mediocrity in the league. Udeze, James, Robison, Edwards, Scott, Mitchell, and i've gotten bored with listing the countless names under 5 sacks. The fact is, outside of the Williams' Wall, our edge rushers are a joke to most second rate offensive tackles. It's about time we stop meddling in this mess of underachievers (although i believe edwards and robison should remain), and truly go for someone who can do the job. The free agent market is thin, so the draft could be our best bet, but instead of adding to the list of mid first round busts at the position, let's make a splash and jump to take a player with franchise potential (see above video, goodness gracious).

The most important point to this is that teams with mediocre cover defensive backs only truly suffer when their pass rush is impotent. As exhibited by the Giants run through the NFC without two of their starting secondary members, an adequate pass rush, even the fear of an adequate pass rush, can make nickelbacks look like champ bailey. Our corners are not the fastest, and that's an understatement, but they are great jam-at-the-line players (especially Griffin). With the ability to rush the passer, and get an outside jam at the line of scrimmage, our defense can finally be one of legendary comparison.

So, on draft day, if we can't mortgage the house to get Larry Fitzgerald (which i am all for in lieu of this), can we please direct our attention finally to the pass defense, on the front lines, where the battle is actually won.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Troy Williamson High(low)lights

And with the 7th pick in the 2005 NFL draft, the Minnesota Vikings select...

...Demarcus Ware? Shawne Merriman? No crazies we picked Troy Williamson, the speedster out of South Carolina who caught 91 passes in his 2 years of college life. I wish i could have been in the draft room with Tice when he brought his laptop out and said - hey guys, we pick in 10 minutes and i was browsing this thing called the internet that my wife showed me last night. Look at this, let's take this kid!

Well we all know how this worked out. The most Troy has done in his brief (and soon to be over) career is alert the media to the travesty of not giving a player his game check when he disappears for a week for his grandmother's funeral...let's be real, Troy didn't earn his money, so fuck his game check, and with all of that signing bonus, i'm sure it's no trouble for him to be out a game check when paying for his family to attend a funeral. In the real world people earn the checks they are paid, or they are fired. We could have traded that pick for a gardener and gotten more production in his three years at the dome. We could have invested that money in Enron and atleast come out of that draft with more public sympathy. We could have done a lot of things, but we didn't, and now we must move on.

On the day he is cut, i will be throwing a party, which i will pay for with my weekly check

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